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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Generic Universal Phone Charger Review

Today I want to share what I think about the Generic Universal Phone charger I purchased on Amazon. Actually this is one of two that I bought. I want to share my honest opinion of what I think. If you are someone like me that has a really nice smart phone and the area where you stick your charger in your phone is damaged, this just may be the charger you should consider purchasing. Cost - $3.13 plus free shipping. The charger can be viewed here

Actual Details:

by Generic

List Price:$19.99
Price:$3.13 FREE Shipping
You Save:$16.86 (84%)
In Stock.
Estimated Delivery Date: Jan. 21 - Feb. 8 when you choose Standard at checkout.
Ships from and sold by customer comes.
  • Battery Charger with USB Output
  • Smart detect battery automatically shuts off when full
  • Size: 8 x 5 x 2.5cm
  • Black

 Detail Taken Off The Site Here.


The charger really works. I wondered if it would even work on my phone.

Because it's universal,  I have a couple of phones that I use it to charge. (it's pretty easy to use)

It's small enough to fit into my purse. There is a light indicator that lets me know if I have the battery in correctly.

I actually purchased one offline for $20.00. Purchasing from Amazon saved me some money.

I did my research and this is about the cheapest one on Amazon.

Small investment with no shipping cost. 

The charger shipped out pretty fast.


This is actually the second one that I purchased because the first after about four months just stopped working. I wish I bought two at that time. 

When the phone is charging, I will miss calls because I have to take my battery out. This is why I usually use it at night.

If a person has a really large battery, it would fit but just barely. My battery is pretty large but it still fits. If a person has one larger than mines, they would be able to use it but it would fit pretty snugly.

I don't think it charges as fast as traditional chargers but fast enough for me. (notice that the light is on because I have it plugged)

(proof That I really 
Ordered the charger)

Shipping Confirmation
Hello Victoria Sheffield,
"Generic Charger for..." has shipped.
Thursday, January 21 -
Monday, February 8

Track your package

Your Orders
Shipped to:
Victoria Sheffield
(My Address) NW...

Total Before Tax:Shipment Total: 
We hope to see you again soon.

Overall, I am happy. I decided to purchase one more because if the charger stops working, I can't use my phone. 

Disclaimer: The reviews here are my honest opinion therefore purchase items at your own risk. This blog or the blog owner can not be responsible for items purchased. I suggest that all would carefully read feedback from other buyers just as I do. I gave a five star review on this product on Amazon because I use it everyday and its working for me. 

This blog contains copyrighted material/All rights reserved

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Social Media Marketing for Dummies

Hello Everyone! Today I wanted to share with my viewers a very cool book I bought on Amazon. It's no secret that I have been working online now for many years however there is always room to advance. I know a lot about this online stuff but there is a lot that I did not know. As we all know since the internet evolved business owners now have the option of getting the word out about their business worldwide. From social media, blogs, SEO, websites, to video blogs, and a lot more there are tons of platforms that can be used to market a business online. Many of those ways are absolutely free.

I bought this book to help boost the amount of visitors that I get through my blog and websites. I do pretty well but climbing the ladder to success is my ultimate goal. The truth is that I spend a little money each month to help me with my goals. I believe that knowledge is power. Anyway back to this powerful book. Honestly this has got to be one of the best books that I have other than the other book I purchased some time ago called Get Rich Click written by an online millionaire. I love this book because The book fully details how a person can earn money from promoting their business using social media network sites like facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus & more. The book also shares free tips and shows readers step-by-step how they can boost sales.

I will be honest, this is not a quick read. This is a pretty thick book with hundreds of pages and a lot of information that I never knew existed. Has the book helped my business?  of course! There are a lot of new resources within the online community that the book shares and tactics used to gain some exposure for business owners. As we know the more people that know we exist, the more money we generate. There are some pretty positive reviews done on this book on Amazon. If you are a person that is interested in this book it can be purchased on Amazon here or if you are a person that just wants to take a look on the inside of the book.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Truly Radiant Toothpaste & Electric Toothbrush

Product Reviews

Today I want to share two great products that I just received two weeks ago. I received the Truly Radiant (Whitening & Enamel Strengthening) Toothpaste & Electric Toothbrush by Arm & Hammer. All I can say is I am hooked! I am really enjoying the toothpaste because my teeth feel polished after I brush them. Another thing I notice is that usually when I use my regular toothpaste,  I can tell that there is a little bit of plaque left on my teeth. I am even enjoying the taste of the baking soda. My teeth are much whiter and stronger. With this toothpaste my teeth feel clean as a whistle.

I absolutely love the toothbrush because it is not one of the cheaper light weight toothbrushes. Because it is electric, I use it to massage my gums as well as my teeth. This aids in the prevention of gum disease. My mouth feels stimulated and I truly believe that my overall oral health has improved tremendously. My gums use to bleed but now they do not bleed half as much. I highly recommend the use of the two together.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Natures Bounty Gummie Vitamins for hair, nails, & skin

Product Review

Today I want to share what I think about the wonderful vitamins I just had the opportunity to try.  I received these in the mail about a month ago and I must say that my hair, skin, and nails feel and look much better!! My skin is softer and silky. My nails are harder and stronger than they have ever been in a long time. My hair is much longer and it use to be very dry and brittle. I am noticing that after using these vitamins that my hair is shinier and much healthier. The vitamins have biotin in them and other natural ingredients that help aid in those areas.

I love the vitamins because to be honest they taste like cherry candy. There were days that I sort of had to stop myself from sneaking another. I hid them from the kids because I know what they would have done. The actual size of these vitamins is pictured below. Only one vitamin is needed daily which means that this bottle was almost a three month supply. I strongly recommend them to anyone and I will be purchasing more for myself and for my family very soon!

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